Harapan Kimia was established in 2003 as a Chemical Retailer in Surabaya
As we grow up, CV. Harapan Kimia Indonesia was established for handling
all imports in Surabaya then finally we expand in Jakarta area and
PT. Harapan Kemika Indo Lestari were established to meet and satisfy
the needs of our customers in West Indonesia area
In 2019, our newly born PT. Harapan Indowarna Lestari were established to
produce food colours

At the moment, we are one of the leading supplier and importer chemicals in
Indonesia for Food Colours, General and Specialty chemicals.
Our focus is to make the company bigger and give a lot of satisfaction to our
loyal customers and new customers.
We welcome all industries to have inquires with us
We hope to cooperate with you and looking forward to best serve you...



Our roadmap starts with our mission, which enduring. It declares our
purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weight
our actions and decisions

To become one of the leading food ingredients & chemical company in Indonesia
and distributing many chemicals to fulfill most of major customers need as we
value those needs and from there, we will do the best to serve and deliver our best
services to our customers

Excel to handle customer's problems and try to solve them and thus improve
our knowledge and become more experience on that area

Our Vision serves as the framework of our roadmap and guides every
aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order
to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth

Work with great people and having good partners (Customers and Suppliers)
together is they key to create mutual, enduring value

Bring a portfolio of quality chemical products to satisfy customer's desires
and needs, focus on the market needs of our customers, get our into the
market and listen, observe and learn from there

Patient, Honesty, Work harder and Delivering the best services are our main
major rules to become the leading chemical company in Indonesia